A Comprehensive Guide on How to Lower Your Electricity Bill in Texas

ways to save on energy in texas

When it comes to the Texas family budget, every penny matters, so it’s important to save where one can to lower electricity. Take the first step today by using the Electricity Shark’s power provider comparison tool to choose pocket-friendly rates. From here, incorporate the rest of the energy-saving strategies into your everyday life and lower your monthly electricity bill substantially!

One Step Away from a Lower Bill — Electricity Shark

Texas is one of 17 states that have deregulated their electricity generation markets, which is incredible. As a result, the power market is extremely competitive. As a result, finding a dependable, inexpensive, and professional option is simple. Fortunately, we’ve already done the dirty work for you. All you have to do is visit our website depending on your service area, enter your zip code, evaluate the various pricing options, and select a plan that works for you – then enjoy the energy saved and that you’ve cut your electric bill.

Last but not least, you are not obligated to stay with the same high-priced supplier when there are numerous other viable possibilities.  The best right now? — Simply log on to the Electricity Shark web and compare different rates.

Comparing Different Providers Rates

As Texas’ generating fleet transitions to clean gas and renewable energy, there should be more possibilities to lock in your electricity rate for extended periods of time. Keep a lookout for longer-term electricity packages (24 to 36 months) at more reasonable rates as providers adapt to the change.

One approach to save money on your expenses is to reduce your energy consumption. However, if you’re stuck with the same old ways, it might be best to start over. Are you considering moving to a different plan or provider? — How about a different ballgame altogether?

Look For Opportunities During the Market Transition

With one, you may schedule your arrivals and departures and have the thermostat turn on at the appropriate time before you arrive home. This way, you won’t have to turn on the air conditioning when you’re not at home. Keep in mind that every degree makes a difference in your electric cost!

According to research by the US Environmental Protection Agency, users of smart home technologies for thermostats save 10-30% on energy expenses. Investing in a programmable thermostat allows you to keep the house cool when your home and not so cool when you’re gone.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Heating homes accounts for over 70% of household energy. That said, when you do not need them, turn off the machines and use natural methods. When you need it, take advantage of heat from the sun by opening the curtains on your south-facing windows. You could plant a deciduous tree on the south-facing side of your home to let in heat during winter and shade during summer. You could also air seal and insulate your home during winter to reduce infiltration which leads to more energy consumption.

Control the Temperature in Your Home Naturally

That may not seem like much, but it represents a 30 percent reduction in electricity use per LED light. When you consider the number of light bulbs in your home, this is a significant cost-cutting opportunity. More importantly, LED light bulbs are becoming more affordable, which is beneficial to your wallet in more ways than one.  Consider using a ceiling fan in place of portable AC units where you can control the temperature on a per-room basis rather than home-wide where it may not be necessary.   Line drying your clothes vs. running the electric dryer is a smart option where the climate is appropriate to do so, and prevents heating up your home and reducing electric usage.  Use dryer balls which help accelerate drying time, and wash in cold water.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce your energy consumption is to replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs. The average 60-watt equivalent LED uses only nine watts of electricity, compared to 13 watts for the same equivalence CFL (compact fluorescent lamp).

Switch to LEDs to Conserve Electricity

Even if your electronics aren’t turned on, they’re likely consuming power because they’re plugged in. This is called the phantom load effect, sometimes known as vampire draw, which costs the average home an extra $200 each year. Today, companies are developing timer-equipped power strips and smart plugs that can scan a room for activity and turn off outlets accordingly to help reduce wasted energy. Connect your gadgets to a smart power strip, and watch your bill reduce magically.

Smart Outlets

A prepaid electricity plan gives you more control and when looking at things like outlets and switches, something simple like an electrical outlet if inefficient can make a big difference when comparing to the new smart outlets available – even consider installing dimmer switches. It helps you monitor your consumption since you only pay for the electricity you’re using. More so, you can set targets and monitor your consumption over a period of time. As such, this pay-as-you-go option may encourage energy users to use less power, resulting in a cheaper monthly payment.

Choose a Prepaid Electricity Plan

A single annual check-up will suffice for many larger appliances. With these simple regular checkups, you can reduce your energy bill. This is because broken appliances waste energy in your home. Regular maintenance is thus is an important part of keeping appliances in good shape. If you choose to simply replace your appliances, be sure they are Energy Star models.

There are numerous aspects of your property that require maintenance. Maintaining your home, whether it’s your air filter or your HVAC system, can help you save money on electricity. As such, repair any ductwork in your HVAC system such as leaky heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ducts. Additionally, make sure that all appliances are cleaned, fixed, and functioning correctly regularly.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Well, the easiest solution to utilize energy better is to get an energy audit. Utility providers will often conduct a home energy audit, sometimes for free, and can identify additional ways to reduce your energy usage. It helps determine the energy consumption associated with a home and identifies potential savings especially with higher-consumption appliances like hot water heaters which can cycle through many gallons of water daily.

Ever had an electricity bill that left you dumbfounded? — Most of us have, at one point or another. The reason it left you speechless was that it felt like a blindside. Like it came from nowhere because as far as you’re concerned, you’ve been quite energy-efficient, all month long.

Do an Energy Audit

To join the movement, all one needs is an initial investment and incentive. Solar panels are particularly easy to install and definitely worth it in a sunny state like Texas. If you reside in a deregulated area, there’s already a good chance you’ll be able to find a renewable energy source nearby, so tap into it.

Choosing a renewable energy plan, say solar, biogas, or wind power could result in a substantial reduction of monthly energy expenses. Better yet, renewable energy has a smaller environmental footprint. Green energy is becoming more common across the United States, with Texas leading the way in wind power and California leading the way in solar.

Opt for a Renewable Energy Plan

Energy efficiency lowers monthly energy bills and makes energy more affordable for businesses and homes by reducing energy use. Though some energy-efficient devices are more expensive to purchase than other options, they save you money in the long run. Energy-efficient appliances that are used frequently such as the refrigerator, air conditioner, and water heater could actually save up to 50% of the energy they consumed before!

Energy-efficient devices utilize a smaller amount of energy than their counterparts. Many of these appliances can run at lower temperatures and use less energy, allowing them to keep working until the job is finished. That said, if you need a new washer, dishwasher, or water heater, choose an energy-efficient one.

Purchase Energy-Efficient Appliances

This is because such plans charge different prices for electricity depending on how much demand there is. The more demand, the higher the price. Given the magnitude of these changes, the crystal ball for Texans is a little foggy. Nevertheless, all hope is not lost. Several approaches could protect you from bill shock or at least minimize it so you can actually lower your energy bill. Here they are:

As a result, electricity rates soared, rising by 2 to 4 cents per kilowatt-hour since then. Today, the prices continue to soar due to an increase in demand. The majority of residents are still faced with astronomical electricity bills. Residents with variable-rate power plans are however being hit the hardest.

Millions of Texas residents suffered early in the year when a storm caused a statewide electrical grid failure. To make matters worse, 7 coal-fired power facilities were shut down in January and February. Furthermore, because of the storm, temperatures across the state plummeted, forcing the utility commission to order ERCOT to allow prices to increase to reflect the lack of supply.