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Do the big power providers save you money in Texas?

How do ERCOT and PUC Work in Texas to Help Residents Save Power?

The sweeping blackouts have left many Texas homeowners in critical cold conditions, and suffering no running water, burst pipes, and flooded homes. This has made it clear that policymakers throughout the country should act soon to avoid future harsh weather conditions from affecting our energy infrastructure and resulting in the same public safety crises.

The good news is that modern super-efficient heating technology and home weatherization are powerful tools that can help in reducing the stress exerted on the electric grid. ...

Reducing the cost of power in Texas

Understanding The Average Cost of Electricity in Texas for Businesses and Homeowners

Texas is a massive consumer of electricity. Each year, its residents use more electricity than any other state. No state even comes close to Texas. Roughly half of the energy used in Texas goes to the massive, expanding industrial sector. The Texas industrial sector alone uses nearly as much electricity as the entire state of Florida. What’s left is split between the residential sector, commercial, and transportation sectors.

How Much Does Electricity Cost Residential Customers?

Texas produces a significant excess of electricity ...

fixed rates vs variable power prices

Should You Choose a Fixed Rate Electricity Plan for Your Texas Home?

Texas is an awesome state that provides people with a great place to live and work.  People are friendly and hospitable in this region and they love to welcome new people.  When people first move to the area, they will need to find a great place to live and they will have no problem doing that.  There are many great places to live in Texas.  Since they will want to look into the utility prices that they will be paying, ...

The many sources of electric power in Texas

Electricity In Texas – Where Does It Come from and is There Enough Electricity Production?

Texas has a long and rich history with electricity and energy production. The first electric lights in Texas were installed in 1883 and the state has remained a major consumer of electricity ever since. Texas has grown to become the country’s largest producer of electricity as well as its largest consumer. It’s also the only state in the contiguous 48 that has its own electrical grid. This provides most Texans with rare “energy shopping” opportunities that many other U.S. citizens ...

rising cost of electricity in Texas

Why Are Texas Electricity Rates Rising Quickly? How to Save on Energy

Undoubtedly, energy bills are an unavoidable part of modern life in Texas and all over the world. And before this pandemic, heating, cooling, electronic gadgets, cooking, lighting, and other mod cons cost American families an average of $115 per month. When people started working from home because of COVID-19, their energy bills increased accordingly. You might be wondering about saving money on energy bill increases in this ever-changing world?

This guide will begin by looking into climate change. It will then cover several ...

ways to save on energy in texas

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Lower Your Electricity Bill in Texas

When it comes to the Texas family budget, every penny matters, so it’s important to save where one can to lower electricity. Take the first step today by using the Electricity Shark’s power provider comparison tool to choose pocket-friendly rates. From here, incorporate the rest of the energy-saving strategies into your everyday life and lower your monthly electricity bill substantially!

One Step Away from a Lower Bill — Electricity Shark

Texas is one of 17 states that have deregulated their electricity generation ...

electricity thieves at work in your home or business

Who is Stealing Your Electricity in the Middle of the Night?

Have you ever had your Texas home burglarized?  Have you had someone take something out of your wallet without your permission?  Car stolen?  Anything taken from you without your permission or your knowing?  Hopefully, the answer is “No” to all of these things. That being said, you probably have had electricity wasted without you being aware of it.  The good news is that you can stop it and start saving money

What Are “Electricity Thieves”

Electricity Thieves are all the things plugged ...

Lower your Texas power bill by switching to smart appliances

How Much Can You Save on Your Texas Electricity Bill by Switching to Smart Appliances?

The popular question we commonly receive is, “Can a Smart Appliance Really Save You Money?”

In an answer, yes – but read on:

Smart appliances are designed to make life more convenient and comfortable. What few people know is that one of the greatest benefits of switching to smart devices is that it can also save money on a monthly Texas utility bill which never tends to go down, but keep incrementally inching up every year.

But are these electricity savings really worth ...

Peak vs. Off-Peak power rates

Understanding Electricity Pricing in Relation to Peak and Off-Peak Hours

Everybody wants a good deal.  Whether you are shopping for a new car, a new house, a gallon of milk, or a new pair of shoes, we all want to find the best deal.  It is the same when we shop for electricity.  We as consumers want to know or believe that we are getting the best deal and the best price.

Many people believe that Electricity is a small unit and therefore it should be cheaper the more of it ...