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Comparing the different AC systems

The Pros and Cons of The Different Types of Air Conditioning Systems for Texas Weather

For the most part, Texas is a summer peaking state. As such, all across Texas, homeowners and businesses are more concerned with cooling their homes during summer. Cooling is essential in Texas’s arid and semi-arid regions, where temperature can get excessively hot during the summer months.

In the same light, it is during the summer when energy usage is at its highest. Typically, it is common for residential demand for electricity to increase by about 400% during summer months, as more ...

Small steps can add up to big savings on electricity bills

Save Money on Electricity in your Apartment or Condo

We are going to review some ways to lower your electricity bill in your apartment especially living in Texas where power bills can climb during the hotter months with a lot of AC running. You might think as a tenant you do not have much control over saving electricity. While it is true that you have more control as a homeowner, you can still save a lot of money on your electricity bill while living in your apartment. You may ...

Reducing your electricity pricing with technology

Ways A Smart Thermostat Can Reduce Your Texas Electricity Bills

The Texas summer heat is usually a time when AC bills go up significantly, and when it comes to saving money, who wouldn’t want to be up-to-date with the ever-growing technology anyway? Smart thermostats are making waves in the world of home technology today. They make things easier to maneuver in your household. If you are not familiar with them or are still using a standard thermostat either manual or semi-programmable, then you are in the right place!

Any homeowner will ...

Finding out how much electricity you are using

Determining How Much Electricity Your Home or Business Actually Needs

Living in Texas, we have many different power providers to choose from, and determining how much energy you consume whether you’re looking at residential or commercial can be of the utmost significance. This is important to understand if you are looking to switch energy companies and save money each month on the power bill, or you are simply looking to find out whether you are paying a decent price for your electricity.

The good news is that establishing how much electricity ...

Ways to reduce electicity costs in Texas

Ten Ways to Save Money on Your Texas Electricity Bill This Summer

Traditionally, it’s in Winter that households use more electricity. However, especially in Texas, keeping your house cool in summer these days can make that electricity meter tick just as fast as trying to keep warm in other colder states in winter. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to save on that monthly utility bill.

Below are 10 energy-saving tips that are simple, easy to use, and guaranteed to save power and money this hot Texas summer.

Compare Rates

There are over 70 energy ...

How does Texas produce electricity?

How much electricity does Texas produce?

Did you know that Texas produces more energy then any other state?  According to US Energy Information Administration Texas produces almost twice as much electricity as the next closest state (Florida).  It might seem like a lot of electricity but half of it is used by the Industrial sector.  Refineries and chemical plants tend to be energy intensive.

What are the sources of electricity in Texas?

Texas relies on Solar, Wind, Coal, Natural Gas, and Nuclear to ...

Solar Panels on Roof

How much electricity can I generate with solar panels on my roof?

Things to consider before installing solar panels

Have you ever wondered how much electricity you could generate if you installed solar panels on your roof?  There are several factors to consider when trying to determine the answer to this question.  There are several items to consider but I’m just going to list a few of the main ones.  How much direct sunlight does your roof receive, do you have a lot of trees shading your home, do you live in an ... The good and the bad…

Many people have used and signed up for electricity plans available there.  Buyer beware!  Here is a little background for you. was created soon after Texas decided to give consumers the choice on who they wanted to purchase their electricity from.   The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) created the power to choose website as a way to assist homeowners in making a decision into this new way of purchasing electricity.  This was a good idea as customers ...

Why Switch Electricity Companies?

Most people living in the state of Texas know they can choose their electricity provider.  However, most do not think about switching until they receive a bill with a extremely high bill in the middle of summer.  Below are a few reasons you might switch throughout the year.

Terrible Customer Service

Poor service is a key reason many people switch Electricity Providers.  There are many Electricity Providers who do give excellent customer service.  Do not stay with a bad electric provider.   If ...