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More Electricity for Less Money

Is it not true, the more you buy the lower price?  It may be shocking to learn, when it comes to shopping for business electricity,  quantity does not necessarily get you the best price.

Electricity is Different

Electricity is a perishable commodity. Electricity cannot be stored easily.  Electricity must be consumed when it is generated and transmitted, or it is gone. Because of this, it is more important to price on timing of the usage vs. the amount of electricity used.   Power ...

Fall energy saving tips

Summer is over and Fall is here!  Reduce your electricity bill!

I love fall.  The weather is cooler and the summer heat is gone . Another thing I love is that with the cooler weather,  my electricity bill is lower as well.  This should be the case for most of us.

We created a list of  eight  basic  home remedies that can help lower your monthly energy bill.  See how many items on the list you already knew about.  Most of the items ...

2 Major Components of your Electricity Bill

Your monthly electricity bill has two primary sections.  The first one is the electricity charge that is assessed by your retail electric provider or (R.E.P.).  This charge is assessed according to the rate and terms set forth in the plan documents agreed to with the energy supplier or R.E.P.

Delivery Charges

The second part of your bill is the Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) delivery charge.  Many call this the “wires and poles” charge.  This charge is assessed by the TDU serving ...

How do Texans get their electricity?

How is electricity generated?

In order to get electricity it first has to be generated.  In Texas we have a variety of sources for our electricity generation which include natural gas, coal, wind, hydroelectric, nuclear, and solar.  Once that electricity has been generated it needs a way to be sent to our homes and businesses.  An electricity grid provides a way to send electricity from the plant that is generating it to the homes and business that need it.  There is ...