Save Money on Electricity in your Apartment or Condo

Small steps can add up to big savings on electricity bills

We are going to review some ways to lower your electricity bill in your apartment especially living in Texas where power bills can climb during the hotter months with a lot of AC running. You might think as a tenant you do not have much control over saving electricity. While it is true that you have more control as a homeowner, you can still save a lot of money on your electricity bill while living in your apartment. You may not be able to change your HVAC system or water heater, but you can do a lot of small changes that will add up to a lot of savings. Savings is always good news, and you can save a lot.

Here we go:

Install LED lights in your apartment 

Installing LED lights in your apartment is an easy way to save money on your electricity bill. As crazy as that may sound, it is still a good idea. Some might ask themselves, why would I want to spend money on LED lights that will last many years when I will only be in my apartment for a couple of years. Right off the bat, you will save money immediately. Pennies turn into dollars month after month. Start by changing the light bulbs in the areas you use the most. You might start with the Kitchen, Great Room, Hallway, or your office and bedroom. You can also take the LED bulbs with you when you leave. Keep the incandescent bulbs in a hall closet and reinstall them when you ultimately decide to leave. This may seem crazy to some, but we are always looking for ways to save money.  This will help you immediately in your apartment and if you take the LED bulbs with you, you can save money in your next apartment or your new home.  This is a brilliant idea if you ask me.

Think about how you use your apartment features

You might not be able to change out your water heater, HVAC system, or Oven. This is especially true in your apartment or your rental home. That being said, you can control how you use your features. What temperature do you have your air conditioning unit set to? What temperature is your water heater set at? Do you wash your clothes in warm water or cold water? Could you air dry your clothes? Can you cook your dinner in the microwave instead of the oven? Do you take long showers or baths? How many electronic devices do you leave plugged in all the time that do not need to be? What other small adjustments can you make to your lifestyle to save small amounts of electricity. All of these settings are small and simple, but they can add up to large savings on your monthly electricity bill. You can also visit the Department of Energy’s saving energy in rental homes. There are even more good ideas here.

If you can pay attention to idle power consumption, chances are you can turn something off and save money on electricity.

Take care of your Refrigerator:

Be sure to set your refrigerator and freezer temperatures to the correct temperatures. The refrigerator should be 35° F and the freezer should be at 0° F. Pay extra close attention to the refrigerator. It is easy for the refrigerator temperature to get out of whack. We recommend you check the refrigerator temperature with a thermometer. This will double-check that your refrigerator is working properly and not wasting energy or your money. You can also put a thermometer in the freezer to make sure it is really at 0.

Many people do not realize how they pack the refrigerator and freezer make a big difference.  We recommend that you try to pack your freezer tightly. By doing this you will save electricity and energy. You may ask why this is? When you open the freezer, warm air is allowed in. If your groceries are not packed tightly, warmer air fills in the space in between your groceries. The freezer then needs to use additional electricity to make the warmer air cold. A simple act like packing the freezer tightly can save dollars every month. The opposite is true in the refrigerator. You want to leave space around each grocery. This allows the cold air to circulate easily and cool your groceries quicker thus using less electricity and saving you money. Many fresh foods do better with even cooling so you will want to make it as easy as possible for this to happen. Be careful not to keep your refrigerator too empty as this will be less energy efficient.  You need to find a nice balance between packed too tight and leaving the refrigerator too empty.

Use or a similar Electricity Website 

If you live in a deregulated area of the country or in most cities in the state of Texas, you should shop and compare your electricity. helps you find the cheapest electricity per kW for you and your circumstance. It is common for an apartment complex or rental home manager to recommend an electricity provider. This may be a good recommendation, but many times it is not. They may have a relationship with the company, or it just may be the company on a sheet of paper from five years ago. Regardless of why they are recommending the company, you should shop for yourself. It literally takes less than five minutes and you can save a lot of money. When shopping, take a close look at both the rate and the term or amount of time on each plan. can help you do this!

Remember, you may not be the landlord or owner of your home, but you can make simple small changes to your living conditions that will save money, day by day, and month by month.  Now go save some money!