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Find your lowest electricity rate in Dallas.

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Why use Electricity Shark?

Electricity Shark makes shopping for your perfect electricity plan in Dallas, Texas, 75236 simple. Find your provider, and set up your account in minutes all in one place.
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    Enter your zip code, and share a little about your electricity needs to find the perfect plan for you.
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    Electricity Shark provides dozens of plans from top electricity providers free of charge.
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    Compare rates from dozens of plans, select your perfect plan and order online in minutes.

Electricity Shark makes it very easy for you to compare Dallas power rates so you can get the least expensive Electricity pricing for your needs. Just enter your zip code, compare the Texas electricity companies that serve the Dallas area to get the best electric power plan that meets your needs.

Electricity prices in Dallas, Texas, 75236 are deregulated, meaning you have the choice from over 15 energy companies in the Dallas area.

There are no switching costs, your electricity stays on throughout the entire process, and no special equipment is needed. If you are moving to the Dallas, Texas area, your new Electricity utility company will get your power turned on and set up your new service. It’s simple, fast, and convenient.¬† Get started today!


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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the current plan you have. Most plans do have an early termination fee. There are a few plans that do not. Like cell phone plans, if you cancel early, you will be responsible for the early termination fee associated with your contract. partners only with Electricity Providers who are registered with the P.U.C., Ercot, and state of Texas. Electricity Providers are required to comply with rules and regulations created by the State of Texas to protect you as the customer.

You will receive a final bill from your current electricity provider within 30 days of switching to your new plan and provider. You will receive your first electricity bill from your new provider within 30 days of switching.

You need to sign a contract to confirm that you accept the terms of the agreement. Some contracts have minimum requirements and early termination fees, while others do not.

Check with your Electricity Provider. If you are moving to a area serviced by your current electricity provider, they will expect you to keep them as your provider. If you are moving to a area outside their service area, you may be able to avoid the fee.

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