Why Switch Electricity Companies?

Most people living in the state of Texas know they can choose their electricity provider.  However, most do not think about switching until they receive a bill with a extremely high bill in the middle of summer.  Below are a few reasons you might switch throughout the year.

Terrible Customer Service

Poor service is a key reason many people switch Electricity Providers.  There are many Electricity Providers who do give excellent customer service.  Do not stay with a bad electric provider.   If you have a fixed price plan, you need to be careful not to switch too early or you could be assessed an early termination charge.  Do some research and find Electricity providers with good reviews and be ready to switch when your term expires.

Confusing Electricity Rates

Your monthly bill is not nearly as low as you hoped.  Several factors might have caused this to happen.  First, the rate may have been an introductory rate.  This can happen with month-to-month plans or fixed price plans with short terms like 4 or 5 months. The idea is that you are the frog in the boiling water and do not notice prices gradually going up.

Second, you might have have signed up for a crazy low electricity rate.  Some offers only give you the low rate if your monthly usage falls within a very narrow usage of kWh.  If you sign up for a offer with this type of restriction, make sure your typical monthly usage matches the specified kWh. Read the Electricity Facts Label and stay away from offers that are to hard to abide by.

Bundle your Electricity

Electricity plans are not  always about the price.  Some consumers shop by price while others are focused on value-added services.

Electric providers are now creating packages where they bundle things like home and appliance warranties and smart thermostats with your electricity service.   Some of the best bundle packages are reserved for new customers, so you many need to switch companies in order to get the best deals.

Life Changes and so do your Electricity Needs

You should never let your electricity plan be on cruise control.  You should evaluate and probably change every year.  Perhaps your usage is significantly higher or lower than it once was. Do you travel during the week?  Could a plan with free electricity on weekends be a benefit to you? Are you planning to move next year?

Switching electricity companies provides you access to the newest and best offers. You might consider time-of-use rates that have free or discounted nights and weekends. Prepaid electricity plans are great if you are thinking about a move.

It can be risky to stay with your current electricity plan past it’s term as prices may increase without you knowing it.   You will find that the best offers go to new customers. Switching electricity companies on an annual basis is a good strategy for both price and value shoppers.